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peaceful portraits

mockup of face2face implementation
mockup of how face2face will be implemented from JR‘s site

French “undercover photographer” JR and his French/North African tech-savvy collaborator Marco put together this amazing but somewhat unfortunately named project called face2face [via wooster collective]: They’re posting enormous close-up portraits of Israelis and Palestinians paired up by occupation on both sides of their heavily guarded borders.

The absolute best part of this project, in my not-so-humble opinion, is the sheer goofiness of these pictures. I’m a huge proponent of humor as a cure for pretty much all of life’s ills—there were probably more jokes at my grandfather’s funeral than there are at most people’s weddings.

Anyway, JR and Marco hung portraits in the Palestinian territory this afternoon and will be doing the same on the Israeli side of the border this Wednesday. Their project even has a trailer that starts slow but gets interesting around 1:45 (-3:40 if the counter is running backwards). Especially fascinating is the parallel between the descriptions of the relationship between god and the human form that come from interviews with Jewish and Muslim religious men (at 4:15 or -1:17):

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