Lauren Sperber

the Library of Congress is cool!

The Library of Congress has a flickr account! [via metafilter] With awesome photos from their archives! And no copyright restrictions!

I’m their new biggest fan.

From your favorite federal institution’s flickr profile:

Yes. We really are THE Library of Congress.
We invite your tags and comments! Identifying information is also appreciated–many of our old photos came to us with very little description.

How sweet!

Some notable NYC photos:

NY public library on opening day

The New York Public Library on opening day.

old penn station

The original Penn Station.

orphans going to Coney Island

And, unbelievably enough, a photo of orphans being driven to Coney Island. “In Autos,” the photo caption notes. Autos!!!

Library of Congress, accept my love. You’re my newest flickr contact.