Lauren Sperber

we [heart] barcodes

Wow, there are way more barcode fans out there than previously imagined!

barcode spaceball
spaceball by AlmaZ

As a follow-up to barcode arts & crafts, here are some of the interesting links I received in response:

Roger from the QR code-obsessed London-based site 2d code sent me this hilarious video from The Voice of the Street explaining how their project, which gives street artists QR codes, is supposed to work. Get a load of the voiceover.

And Jerry of Bar Code Nerds (tagline: “Yep. Not only do we admit it, we’re damn proud of it.”) sent me a link to his massive online collection of old-school barcode graffiti and art, including this awesome picture of a print (I think?) called spaceball by someone named AlmaZ.

Closet barcode lovers, take heart. Kindred spirits abound on the WWWs.