Lauren Sperber

that painting is knitting

Rania Hassan's Knit XVI
Rania Hassan’s Knit XVI

I like these nifty knitting paintings by Rania Hassan.

Craft magazine’s blog has this interesting quote from Rania:

I am fascinated by the connections we find in our everyday experiences: from the isolation of communities on the subway, to the solitary experience of introspection […] My work is about the levels of connectedness we feel. […] I am also intrigued by the community I’ve found online with knitters from around the world. I think about how it links me to my mother, and her mother, and all the women that came before them.

Reminded me of something my thesis adviser was saying about the shared experience of the isolated activity of reading, which of course finds its logical conclusion in the various tools online readers have to share what we’ve been reading (or watching, or listening to, or thinking about, or, oh yeah, knitting). Ok, it might find its logical conclusion in book clubs, but that’s not nearly as much fun for pondering.