Lauren Sperber


Me: I’m a staff software engineer at Etsy. I used to work at Mailchimp and before that I…uh…also worked at Etsy. Before I started programming professionally, I worked as a product manager. I love figure skating and knitting and crochet.

This website: This site holds a space for me to share ideas and personal projects, all of which are a little dusty. Between September 2005 and September 2008, I blogged a ton on a site I called kenspeckle (it means “conspicuous” in Scottish), mostly about the literary criticism I was studying in grad school at the time or random internet art I found interesting. I’ve imported a few of my old posts to this site for posterity.

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20 March 2017

How to: Knit a pussy hat in the round

25 February 2016

Building software at Etsy

25 February 2014

We Still Feel Fine

25 June 2013

CSS Specify Me

13 May 2009


26 July 2008


29 June 2008

optical illusion of glory

16 June 2008

some words from the Irish

22 February 2008

Cookie Monster on NPR

17 February 2008

we [heart] barcodes

14 February 2008

happy Lupercalia!

13 February 2008

barcode arts & crafts

16 January 2008

the Library of Congress is cool!

18 June 2007

getting rid of animus

4 March 2007

peaceful portraits

8 February 2007

beatboxing flute

7 February 2007

the home for lost words

21 December 2006

happy winter solstice!

29 November 2006

constraints as a path to freedom

17 September 2006

that painting is knitting

4 September 2006

semiotic disobedience

7 June 2006

Giorgio Agamben defines poetry

17 April 2006

Miss Spontaneous Combustion!

18 February 2006

on trees, translated from the Swedish

11 February 2006

François Jacob on popularized theories

24 October 2005

what if art prints pinged their paintings?

16 October 2005

just call me Jean Factotum

11 October 2005

blogging circa 19th century, writing for the web circa 1992

3 September 2005

what is kenspeckle?